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Herbal Supplements to Fight HIV

Americans have been aware of AIDS since around 1980, and this new and terrible disease has yet to have a cure. As we continue to research AZT and antiretroviral therapy (since AIDS compromises the immune system through a viral route), we have been fortunate to find some natural remedies that seem to help. Worldwide, an estimated 88.2 people were infected with this disease. With numbers so staggering, it is imperative that we find a solution.Multi vitamins have been shown in several studies to lessen the ...


Believe You Are Experiencing Joint Disease? Perhaps It Is One Of The Below Forms

Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation of one or more joints and there are approximately one hundred different known types of Arthritis. When there is a breakdown of cartilage in the joints, bones can begin to rub together causing inflammation and stiffness. The cartilage, located between bones, is nature's way of providing shock absorption when the body is in motion.Joint inflammation can be a result of broken bones, an autoimmune disease, infections by bacteria's or viruses, and general wear an...


How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

Years ago choosing a health insurance plan was not a big trouble. Of course there were less health insurance plans to choose from but also people were able to go to almost any doctor and hospital to receive medical care.Today things are a bit more complicated not only because there is a wide choice of different insurance schemes, but because of the restrictions each one hides. Moreover almost all of the health insurance plans available have some managed care policy that means that it is not possible to use ...


It's Okay To Go A Little Nuts About Nuts

I know it may not seem like nuts are healthy if the only person you ever saw eating them was that chubby guy at the end of the bar at Happy Hour, but trust me nuts are good for you. Some are better than others though so let's take a look. According to leading nutritionists today, you can eat almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and even Brazil Nuts without increasing your risk of a heart attack from clogging your arteries. The truth is that eating nuts will actually make you healthier and unless you just eat them by ...


Asthma: the Common Chronic Disease

Asthma is a common chronic disease. It refers to the constriction and inflammation of the airways in response to environmental triggers. The constriction can be accompanied by mucus along the airways which further restricts breathing.Symptoms of this disease include wheezing, coughing, difficulty of breathing etc. Increased attention is being paid to asthma due to its mounting prevalence among urban populations. Estimates say that as many as one in four urban children suffer from asthma. Medical studie...


Be Aware Of Health Conditions That May "Run In The Family"

When people think about family traits being passed down from generation to generation, they are more likely to think of Grandpa's piercing blue eyes or Great Grandma Myrtle's long tapering fingers which were ideal for piano playing. But did you know that your mother's struggle with diabetes may also become yours? Here are some conditions which are known to or are suspected of running in families.First, it's important to point out that family members sharing health problems may not necessarily be related to ...


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